Here's How Deshpee is Connecting the Indian Interi

As you probably already know, Deshpee encompasses a group of separate brands – each with their own unique services and products. One of these brands is Floma – a website focused on both traditional and modern interior design with an Indian flair, as well as plenty of authentic Indian products.

But it’s more than just a site for inspiration or an online store. Through Floma, Deshpee is trying to connect the Indian interior design industry in exciting new ways. Read on to learn more!


Floma offers a range of interior design and decor services.

In case you haven’t yet checked out what Floma offers, let’s get you up to date. In addition to a range of Indian products and design ideas, Floma also offers a range of interior design and decor services via Floma Customisation – including a designing service and a sourcing service.

The designing service takes your ideas and turns them into reality, whether it’s a whole new room or a cool one of a kind piece of furniture. also allows professionals to sign up as a business and grow their interior design business in India. From here, you can promote your portfolio, list your expertise, create a ‘Collection’ of content that reflects your style and show off some of your projects.


So, what does that mean for Indian design professionals?

By listing themselves on Floma as a professional interior design business, professionals can benefit from a wider reach, promoting themselves to Floma users and connecting with like-minded customers.

When it comes to customisation, Floma promotes some outstanding interior design professionals during each project, including interior designers and manufacturers. In turn, this gives their career a boost – essentially helping to improve the interior design industry and promoting its importance and popularity.

Not only does using this service ensure each professional’s hard work is being put to good use, but it also shows the world that high-quality design services can be both accessible and affordable.


This also benefits the end user, who can enjoy a professional service without complication.

If you – the end user – are frustrated at not being able to find what you want in a store, using Floma and Floma Customisation to connect with professionals who can create your ideal products will help you achieve a home that’s not unique, but completely ‘you’.

This unique way of marketing interior design and decor services is a bonus for both interior design professionals in India as well as those to employ them.


What do you think about the way Floma is connecting the design industry with everyday buyers?We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share them in the comments section below!