Who we are

Deshpee Group was founded by Vedarth Deshpande and team on 10th December, 2014. As Rome wasn't built in a day, Deshpee also wasn't built right away. Starting with Floma, an interior design company, then Socinova, an affordable social media marketing agency, then Trigacy, a digital marketing agency, then Nelda, a tree plantation NGO and then Deshpee Digital Marketing Training Institute, we've seized opportunities as they came. And we'll keep doing it. We are primarily an internet marketing company, but we also have a unique skill of building brands. You'll find us launching new, useful services often. That's just the way Vedarth does things.

What we do

We want provide highest value to our customers as an internet marketing company.



Floma™ is For the Home that Loves...™ We’re trying to improve how people design and decorate their homes in India.
Say hello: contact@floma.in



Socinova™ is an affordable social media marketing agency serving more than 100+ clients a year from over 15 countries.
Say hello: contact@socinova.com



Trigacy helps first time business owners with their branding and marketing in the first year.
Say hello: contact@trigacy.com



Nelda™ is an initiative by Deshpee Group started in 2016. With Nelda, our plan is to influence the plantation of 1 billion trees.
Say hello: contact@nelda.org.in

floma services


Floma Pro Services provides digital marketing and business development services to interior designers and architects.
Say hello: services@floma.in

Institute Deshpee


Deshpee Training Institute is a premier digital marketing institute in Pune launched in May 2018.
Say hello: institute@deshpee.com

Institute Deshpee


Heaven Adventure is a trekking company launched in June 2019 as a part of Project Bion.
Say hello: contact@heavenadventure.com

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