Digital Marketing Courses in Pune: Why You Should

Indians have embraced digitisation in every run of their lives. There is no another way better than digital channels, and social media handles to reach out to people and make an impact. 

In this Internet age, there are more than 400 million Internet users in India, and with the amplified use of the Internet in the past few years, the digital scenario has also witnessed an upsurge. About 87 percent brands today use digital channels for marketing. Also, 38 percent of companies have dedicated 1/3rd of their budget for digital marketing. 

Along with all this growth in the digital marketing industry, there is a parallel growth in the employment opportunities in this field. Enthusiastic youngsters with creative vigor, and proficient personality are welcomed wholeheartedly in this domain! Thus, whether you are a student of any field, a fresher, or an entrepreneur who wants to explore a new arena of work, this industry will provide you with a myriad of opportunities if you are talented.

Read more to understand why you should choose digital marketing as your career, its current trends, and prospects.


You will be a professional in demand.

A study denotes that looking at the growth of digital marketing industry; there will be a possibility of 20 lac job openings for digital marketers in Pune and across the country by the year 2022. This is a call for all the able and creative candidates to grab the best possible job opportunities. Choose the digital marketing field as a career and be ready to be a professional in demand!

You can even excel further by developing a specialisation. A digital marketer works with various aspects of digital marketing like content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and so on. Mark your area of excellence and deliver the best you can!


You can get employed in prominent national and international companies.

With the growth of the Indian economy, many MNCs are now coming to India and setting up their operations here. Also, many Indian companies are growing fast and spreading throughout the country. 

The Digital India Policy has encouraged many start-ups to invest in the field of digital, and thus creating many new opportunities.

In such companies, there are regular job openings for digital marketers, and they also pay a handsome package to the deserving candidates.


You will get a well-paid job.

Like we all know- when demand exceeds supply, the price increases. As the candidates having strong digital marketing skill sets are in demand, such candidates will have the upper hand in their salary negotiations. Also, your salary can rapidly increase along with your experience in this field, so this is a field in which your efforts can really pay off.


It's easy to get started you can easily distinguish yourself.

The beauty of digital marketing field is that an individual from any stream of academics can get into this field. 

Also, unlike other academical courses which allow you little ways to distinguish yourself, you can differentiate yourself as a digital marketer in various ways. 

You can work towards building your own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, start your blog or take part in relevant online conversations to be an influencer. Also, there are a lot of online exams like the Google Analytics exam, HubSpot’s Inbound Certification exam, etc. which can help you in building and boosting your resume.

These will help you prove yourself to be better than others. There have been plenty of instances of students getting attractive job offers after showcasing their talent via these mediums. You can do that too!


Looking at the current scenario, it's safe to say that in the years to come, digital marketing will undoubtedly expand more in all the business sectors. It is thus a fantastic idea to start thinking about it as a career option. 

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