Meet Titanity

We cross infinity with every step; meet eternity in every second.
We are the Titans of Deshpee and Titanity is our way of expressing the infinite creativity and potential that is within all of us. With an aim to produce songs that motivate you, we want to provide you the energy you need to achieve your dreams.
We are inspirational song producers, bringing you heart felt songs that you can relate to, and get motivated from. We create music for those who dream.

What Defines Titanity

A journey to your best self through music.


We are into positive songs. Songs that motivate and inspire you to have a positive approach.


We work with independent artists to provide them growth opportunities.


We create songs for everyone. No matter your age, profession or beliefs, you can relate to our songs.

Manzilon Ki Udaan by Titanity

In a country where independent artists are underappreciated for their passion and love for music, here comes a song to tell their story. Manzilon ki Udaan is an inspirational song, telling the story of a struggling young artist who has big dreams. This song will help you find the energy to chase your dreams. Experience the journey of an artist who breaks all societal norms to be what he always wished for; a singer by passion and profession. Cheers to your success!

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