How will the Hybrid Work Model Work in India in 20

The COVID-19 pandemic has painted a new picture of India's commercial office segment. It will never be the same again. Most people are working remotely and have now recognised the benefits of remote working. While we cannot say that traditional offices will completely disappear in 2022 or beyond, but most likely, the hybrid office model will become the new normal.


What is the Hybrid Work Model?

A hybrid work model is where some employees work from…

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Chanakya Niti - Tips and Advice for Daily Life

We sometimes get so busy in our lives that we forget to balance our personal, professional and family lives. Believe or not, life is a circle. What you sow is what you get. To simplify our daily lives, the great Chanakya has already given some Mantras in his ancient text that are useful even today.

So today, let's understand the tips and advice for daily life as per the Chanakya Niti.


To start, let's suppose, you are a king - of your own life. So,…

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10 Tips to Make Your Small Business Recession Proo

A widespread drop in consumer expenditure, an external trade shock or an adverse supply shock, threaten all businesses. However, it is particularly startups are vulnerable, as they often don't have the reserves to sail through difficult times. Such vulnerable times are infamously known as Recession. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a recession is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity.

Yet, there can be certain preventive…

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7 Things Chess Teaches Us About Business

Chess is famous as a complicated mental game modeled to achieve victory. Apart from a game, it also is an activity which has vast benefits for everyone, not only for mental development but also for business. 

Here are some of the most important lessons about business which you can learn through a game of chess.

1. Look ahead of time (foresee).

Only those who can foresee the moves before time can sustain the game of chess. And the same…

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Indian Work Culture V/S Western Work Culture

Work culture varies from workplace to workplace across the world. But there is a significant difference in the methods of working in India and the western countries. The western part of the world is a cluster of developed nations, and hence, a better standard of living and an upgraded lifestyle is an obvious factor. In this blog, we are not saying which of the countries or the work culture is better, but we are only looking at the differences between the two, so you can pick out the…

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