How Narendra Modi's Foreign Policy Has Made A Diff

With the Modi Government completing five years in office, one of its significant success stories has been its Foreign Policy. Right from commencement, the Prime Minister had adopted a creative and bold approach towards foreign policy.  He stressed on changing the face of Indian foreign policy by reducing the strain on conventional diplomacy and clichés.  

In the initial years, the government’s foreign policy decisions were regarded as daring; but later…

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6 Big Ways The Modi Effect Has Transformed India

India- World’s largest democracy and a country which inherits people from various sects, class, caste, and religions. It is a nation which knows how to live with variances and accommodate all the multiple streams of thought. 

But on 31 May 2014, this country left behind all the differences and came together to vote a person who was the face of transformation. Thousands of people denied the remaining status quo with the existing government and opted for change. They did not merely…

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Business Is Not Just About Money

As a business owner, one of your primary goals is probably to make a profit and earn a good living. But have you ever heard the phrase ‘money isn’t everything’? That’s true – even in the world of business. There is more to enjoy in life than money, so take a look at these five additional points that you should be striving towards when running your business.


1. A sense of accomplishment.

When you’ve had a great idea…

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6 Top Ways to Go Green with No Effort at All

So, you’ve heard all the hype about ‘going green’ lately and have developed an understanding of how human actions are having a damaging effect on the world around us.

Naturally, you want to help – but ‘going green’ is so much effort, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be!

While there are many people out there holding protests, re-planting forests and volunteering all over the world, there are several ways you can go green with barely…

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5 Ways To Do A Good Deed Using The Internet

How many good deeds do you do each day? Some people find that although their intentions are good, they never seem to find the time to actually take action and do something good.

To make things easier, it's worth looking into good deeds you can do online to make a difference from the comfort of your own home.

Here are just five to consider!


1. Donate to your favourite charity.

If you're interested in donating to charity, doing…

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