Social Entrepreneurship in India: Success Stories

In the realm of social entrepreneurship, India is the epicenter of impact investing and the hub of innovation in the social enterprise. Unlike other countries where the agenda is being decided and driven by government or huge private enterprises, India has led its footprint as the innovator who has dared to plunge into the world of social entrepreneurship.

You're probably wondering what social entrepreneurship is and who is a social entrepreneur. Well, a social entrepreneur is an innovator,…

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What ‘Make in India’ Has Done For India

India has seen a spree of new policies and welfare schemes emerging in the last four years. Make In India is one of the most prominent and ambitious policies which was bought by the newly established Modi Government in September 2014.

The prime goal of this policy is to make India a global manufacturing hub by inviting and encouraging both multinational and national companies to manufacture their products in India.  

Make in India has introduced a manifold of new initiatives…

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5 Companies That Are Likely To Join The Unicorn Cl

So, what is a Unicorn? A Unicorn is a start-up with at least USD 1 Billion in valuation. You might be aware of this term if you read Economic Times regularly or listen to the business news.

As of now, India has 10 Unicorns- Flipkart, Paytm, Ola, InMobi, Zomato, MuSigma, Quikr, Shopclues, Hike, and Snapdeal.

Now, it seems like the Unicorn club might see fresh additions to the list in 2018. Some tech start-ups in various sectors like hospitality, healthcare, education, grocery,…

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New to Pune? Explore The Top 10 Things You'll Expe

Welcome to Pune- The city with an attitude! Located in the western part of Maharashtra, Pune is famous for being the ‘The Oxford of the East’. Now, it is developing into an IT hub and also holds a record for having the highest number of 2 wheelers in the world! As vague as these achievements look like, Pune has always been a city that is excelling in different ways.

So other than the technical and developmental aspects of this city, today we are describing what an extraordinary…

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10 Reasons Why Every Indian Is An Entrepreneur By

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, investment, courage and of course, brains. But it seems like it all comes naturally to us Indians. We at Deshpee are incredibly proud of the way we are. Thus, today we are listing 10 reasons why Indians are the best at running a business. Sorry, but we are going to a bit biased for Indians here!

Hold on tight and take pride in your inner traits.


1. In our family, there is always a Chacha, Mousa and one 'door ke rishtedaar'…

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