The Silicon Valley Of Maharashtra: Everything You

Pune is one of the fastest growing locations for tech businesses in India and is making a name for itself as the place to be for start ups. As a result, it has often been compared to the famous Silicon Valley in California, USA where big name companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple have their HQ.

But is Pune really on the same scale? Let’s find out!


Why is Pune being compared to Silicon Valley?

There are a number of similarities between Pune and Silicon Valley. Here are just a few:

  • They both have the geographical attributes and local culture of a smaller city, rather than each country’s capital.
  • They are both close to important financial hubs – in Pune’s case, Mumbai.
  • They are both integral parts of the tech industry in their respective countries.
  • They’re home to, or close to, a number of higher education institutions.
  • And they even both have great weather too!

With these similarities, it’s no wonder comparisons have been drawn between the two.


But what does Pune have to offer when it comes to the industry?

One thing that makes Pune the place to be for tech pros is the people who live and work there. You’ll find a large number of skilled, ambitious workers – each with their own ideas and goals for making technology evolve.

There is also a strong start up culture, with the city offering convenient yet affordable locations for budding big names in tech with innovative ideas. The workforce is also more affordable for new companies, with many professionals willing to work for lower rates than you’d expect to pay in Mumbai or Bangalore.

The city itself is also fairly quiet and green, creating a great atmosphere to work in – something California residents also say about Silicon Valley.

Pune is even home to the Pune Open Coffee Club – a space for start up owners and entrepreneurs to meet up once a month and share ideas and opportunities in and around the Pune area.


Could Pune really replace its US counterpart?

While we doubt that huge US based companies like Google are going to move to Pune anytime soon, Pune is still sure to keep making waves.

Instead of looking to replace another location, let’s focus on how Pune could further develop and become an even more incredible place for the tech industry in India and across South Asia.

It’s clearly becoming a hot spot for both established and up and coming businesses, so we strongly recommend keeping an eye on business trends in Pune – especially if you have a great idea for a new start up!


Do you live in Pune? Are you a business expert with thoughts on the area? Could it really be India’s take on Silicon Valley? Share your thoughts, predictions and opinions in the comments section below!