New to Pune? Explore The Top 10 Things You'll Expe

Welcome to Pune- The city with an attitude! Located in the western part of Maharashtra, Pune is famous for being the ‘The Oxford of the East’. Now, it is developing into an IT hub and also holds a record for having the highest number of 2 wheelers in the world! As vague as these achievements look like, Pune has always been a city that is excelling in different ways.

So other than the technical and developmental aspects of this city, today we are describing what an extraordinary experience it is to live in Pune!


1. Mavshi, Mama, Kaka

Pune believes in being one big family. So if you want to buy vegetables, you buy it from the seller who you should call Mavshi (aunt).

If you are struggling to find a ride, address a Rikshawala with ‘kaka’ (uncle) and he’ll take you everywhere. Also, if you are on a bike and don’t have a license, beware of the police mama!

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2. ‘Chal sakali Tekdi la jau’

This literally means, ‘Come let’s go to the hill in the morning’. Pune has a deep connection with its hills. From Parvati hill to ARAI Tedki, Punekars are always up for a walk (Pun intended!).


3. An unbeatable Ganpati festival celebration

Famous for the foot-tapping Dhol-Pathak, Pune celebrates the Ganpati Festival like no other city in all of India! Not just boys, you will see the girls playing huge Dhols to such perfection that you just cannot hold yourself back from dancing along with the crowd!


4. Puneri Pattya

Well, this needs no introduction. This city is extremely popular for those sarcastic one-liners written boldly across the city to make instructions clear. Thought sarcasm is cool? Pune proudly has it deep from the roots. 

Take this board for example- It literally means, “the person who will spit on this wall definitely does not seem to be the born out of a human!” A little bit of attitude and a little bit of arrogance makes a true Punekar!

Puneri Pattya
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5. Misal Pav is for breakfast

Punekars relish on Kanda Poha and Misal Pav for breakfast. A spicy concoction right in the morning charges up the sarcastic batteries, doesn't it?


6. 1 te 4 shutters down

The golden rule of being a Punekar is that you shut your shop between 1pm - 4pm for an afternoon nap. There is no compromise in following this rule. Ever.


7. “Mi gaavat challoy”

No, this does not mean the person is going to his village or hometown. He is going to the heart of the old city. This is where you will come across the ‘peths’ named after days in a week. Wondering why they are named after days? Well, that’s because of the weekly bazaars that used to be held in each area back in the days. You will find everything here-from books to clothes, electronics to vessels and clothes. Name it and you will be directed to the assigned peth!


8. The Glorious Camp area

From being an Army Cantonment to having some of the oldest yet most beautiful buildings, Camp has always been very special to the city. Shopping on MG Road and eating at Marzorin is a must, every time you visit this area. It celebrates Christmas Eve like no other place in the city!

MG road
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9. Women have a strong relationship with Sun-coats and Scarves

No matter where you go, you will always find girls and women looking like Ninja turtles on a bike. They will cover their entire face except for eyes in a scarf to protect themselves from the sun and pollution. “Aga chehryala kiti traas hoto tya shivaay!”


10. Assal Puneri Amrutatulya

You will find the best tea at the tea shops and stalls in Pune. These are fondly known as amrutatulya and are always crowded. Cream roll and maramari chah is not something you should miss!  


So come and celebrate the spirit of Pune. The city will welcome you to the sweetest things (Sujata Mastani). Because once you have lived in this city, you will be a true Punekar for a lifetime!

If you would like to share any incidents you faced in the city, please write them in the comments below. Also, Assal Puneri jokes are most welcome!

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