New to Pune? Explore The Top 10 Things You'll Expe

Welcome to Pune- The city with an attitude! Located in the western part of Maharashtra, Pune is famous for being the ‘The Oxford of the East’. Now, it is developing into an IT hub and also holds a record for having the highest number of 2 wheelers in the world! As vague as these achievements look like, Pune has always been a city that is excelling in different ways.

So other than the technical and developmental aspects of this city, today we are describing what an extraordinary…

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The Silicon Valley Of Maharashtra: Everything You

Pune is one of the fastest growing locations for tech businesses in India and is making a name for itself as the place to be for start ups. As a result, it has often been compared to the famous Silicon Valley in California, USA where big name companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple have their HQ.

But is Pune really on the same scale? Let’s find out!


Why is Pune being compared to Silicon Valley?

There are a number of similarities…

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