What Makes Indian Interior Design? Let's Find Out

Here at Deshpee, you'll often notice us mention Indian interior design – after all, we're based in India and love following the hottest trends! One of our companies, Floma.in – is dedicated to Indian design and décor, with a focus on creating 'The Home that Loves'.

But what exactly makes Indian interior design?

It's time to learn more about the traditional elements of Indian home décor and what makes it so distinctive.


Recognisable Indian Colours

India is known for its bright, colourful culture – often inspired by traditional festivals and holidays. These colours are also reflective of religion, faith and positive traits that are valued throughout India. So a home that includes some of the symbolic colours of India is clearly indicative of Indian interior design!

Ideas for recognisable Indian colours you could feature in your home include:

  1. Red: Passion, romance, purity, opulence, fertility and the Indian Goddess Durga.
  2. Yellow: Healing, holiness.
  3. Green: Happiness, nature and India's agriculture.
  4. Blue: Power, life, water, dynamism as well as Lord Krishna, who is depicted with blue skin.
  5. White: Purity, clarity and serenity.
  6. Black: An antidote to evil spirits.


Traditional Indian Adornments

In addition to colours, there are plenty of ornaments and materials you may wish to use to enhance your home with an Indian influence.

This may include strong, traditional teak wood, opulent marble, carved meaningful shapes and more.

India is also known for sumptuous fabrics and textures that are perfect to feature on the textiles in your home such as rugs, sofa covers and cushions. This is also a great way to feature prints that are associated with Indian culture such as paisley and warli.

Finally, add some art, sculptures or paintings to add a little of India's culture and history to your home.


Integration of Indian Values

It's not just face value that matters when creating your Indian interior, it's also important to integrate some of India's values into your home to truly reflect the culture. These are an important part of everyday life in India and can easily be reflected in your home. These include:

  1. Satya: A reminder to stay true. Let your home reflect who you are.
  2. Nishtha: Dedication to what's important. Show this through dedication to your home!
  3. Dana: This represents giving liberally, so why not create a home that welcomes others?
  4. Family: Family is important, so build a home that's representative of the ways your family comes together.


But why put a label on it?

Perhaps you're a creative individual who doesn't like to put labels on things. That's okay, just go with the flow! Just because your home isn't reminiscent of traditional styles, that doesn't necessarily mean your Indian home is lacking in Indian interior design. You're still staying true to your personality and culture, so we'd say that certainly counts!

Essentially, your home is a reflection of yourself, so if you're happy, you'll have a happy home! And feel free to shop around at Floma if you're looking to add a few more traditional elements!