Chanakya Niti - Tips and Advice for Daily Life

We sometimes get so busy in our lives that we forget to balance our personal, professional and family lives. Believe or not, life is a circle. What you sow is what you get. To simplify our daily lives, the great Chanakya has already given some Mantras in his ancient text that are useful even today.

So today, let's understand the tips and advice for daily life as per the Chanakya Niti.


To start, let's suppose, you are a king - of your own life. So, how will you manage your day? Let's plan your day the Chanakya Way!


Waking up: 

We should get enough sleep for a healthy day - a complete 8 hours. When we get that, it helps to start our day in an energetic manner. Plus, enough sleep also ensures that we get up on time. If you tell yourself that you want to wake up at 5.00 am, your internal body clock will try to wake you up at the right time.

We often use an alarm clock to wake up on time. It is good to have a soothing, melodious tone as your alarm. A loud one will make you frustrated and will surely spoil your day. Test it yourself!


Music for the day:

Life is simply incomplete without music. Our psyche can be changed to the type of music we choose to listen. One should always aim to listen to soothing, aspirational music for at least 20 minutes a day.


Time for thinking:

The ability to think is simply a god's gift to humans. Rather than leaving your day planning to chance, take control by setting aside some time to plan your day. Take out some time after your morning rituals and plan your day effectively!



Give the authority to someone to take control of your healthy diet. It can be your mother, wife, dietitian or any person you can trust. It is said that a healthy person thinks better!


Daily rituals:

To have a ritual, make a list of what you want to do in the morning. It can be reading a book, doing pooja, reading namaz or anything. Once you set the list and try to follow it everyday, it soon becomes a habit. 



Well, most people don't believe in this. But if you are having an idea what bad can happen to you, you will be more careful about it. So, reading your daily horoscope can help. But yes, don't get blind with it. Respect the tips and guidance given by the astrologer, but remember that your life is in your hands.



Once your lunch is done, next two hours can really be the lazy hours of your day. You can utilise these in learning new skills, reading a book, planning your vacation or meeting someone important. Simply saying, to succeed in your life, you should use your afternoons productively and engage in new activities.


Power naps:

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining your health. The best time to take a power nap is between 1.30 - 3.00 pm and this amount of sleep is enough for a person to feel energetic again. Otherwise, you can also take a break, go for a walk, talk to your friend, hold a consultation, etc.


Study daily:

For our personal growth, we should always make some time for study. The first step would be to develop love for books. Have books on the topics that interest you and have a dedicated space for them. You can also attend seminars of your interest. Make notes about what you've learned as this will help you in the future for your personal growth.


Your Swadharma:

When you find out your natural calling in life, then you are bound to have happiness. For this, you should observe yourself every day about what moments make you happy. Check it with experts and make your passion your ambition. Make it your life goal to chase what you like and go with full force!


Daily time table:

According to the Chanakya Niti, planning is the first step to success. Make a list of your priorities and then break it down in yearly, monthly, and daily goals. Make a time table. Refine it. See the progress and alter it as you grow. 



A meditative person is focused, composed, clear and considerate. They know what to do and what not. Just sit quietly, let's say for a start, for fifteen minutes and slowly increase it. Relax and observe your mind. Keep doing this and try not to have any thoughts in your mind for as long as you can. The secret of success is to continue meditating until you succeed.



The essence of a person depends on the type of food they eat. One must know what they are eating. So do research while shopping. Try to cook something by yourself. Also, whenever you go to new places, eat their local food. As one of the best ways to discover places is through their food. 



Have a discipline about yourself. Decide what needs to be done. Have a clear agenda or goal. Share it with someone else who can keep you in check. And then after some time, try to fo it on your own.


Find your pattern:

One big step towards success in life is to recognise your life pattern. Make a list of essential tasks and do them in chunks of ninety minutes. Include everything in it. 


Creative hobby:

A hobby helps you make effective use of time by helping you create something. Hence, it is important to develop a hobby in your life. It refines you, sharpens your mind, and makes you a better person.


Personal finances:

Identify where your money will come from. Keep eyes and ears on all the possible ways and grab it. Once you start earning money, start saving as well. Take advice from your professional wealth managers. It will help you be and stay rich. 


Life plan:

According to the Chanakya Niti, there are four stages of life:

  • Student life, where one should learn and get ready to face the world.
  • Householder's life, where one gets married and takes the  responsibility of their family.
  • Retired life, where your children will be married, taking their responsibilities. Here, you relax yourself, try not to interfere in other's life and spend your life in spiritual places.
  • Monk, where you cut off ties with the world. With no regrets or desires, one waits for the glorious exit from life.


Become an institution:

Whatever you are learning in your life, do something extraordinary with it. Teach people who want to learn. Create systems and processes for it. You can also write a book for the same!


Personal guru:

According to the Chanakya Niti, one should have their personal guru to guide them at every step. You can make a list of the things you want to achieve and then find a guru to guide you in the journey. You can't do it all alone.


Practical philosophy:

There are four goals of life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. In short, it means do good work always. When conflicts arise, remember that good work always pays off. When that doesn't work out, take advice from your guru. And if even that also doesn't help, follow your heart. Your inner voice knows what's right or wrong for you. Listen to that voice.


Fulfil your desires:

We all desire wealth, luxury and a comfortable lifestyle. But we should earn those with dignity. Spend what you need to fulfil your desires. Have luxuries, but keep yourself sane. And in process to fulfil your desires, make lots of friends as well.


Ultimate happiness:

Ultimate happiness is a state of permanent happiness. To enter this state, you must fulfil your daily and worldly duties first. That makes you free from the requirement of always having what you want. Look for something good in everything that happens to you and maintain a positive outlook about life.


Well, these are some tips and advice about daily life from the Chanakya Niti. There's certainly no reason not to try them. So why don't we just give them a try and find out the best in us? Let's get started!


This blog is written by Titan Anuja Kurhade, Social Media Manager at Socinova. Opinions are her own.