9 Ways You Can Get Involved with Good Causes Onlin


The internet has had a huge effect on our world, and while many people are quick to point out the downsides, there are plenty of amazing positives too!
One of these is the ability to help out and get involved with good causes online, without even leaving your home.
No matter where you are in the world or how much you can spare to good causes (if anything), there is always a way you can help. Check out these ideas for some inspiration!


1. Sign a petition on Change.org.

Change.org allows you to find petitions regarding causes that mean a lot to you. Adding your signature to a petition is free, and can help the cause reach its goal. When enough signatures are collected, it can be presented to those who can make a difference.


2. Donate to a cause via Just Giving.

Just Giving allows you to select causes you feel passionately about and make a donation. The amount you donate doesn't matter – big or small, every little bit can make a difference to a cause.


3. Fund a Kickstarter campaign.

Sometimes a good cause may be as simple as helping someone get their ideas off the ground, especially if they have the greater good in mind. Kickstarter allows you to donate to up and coming business ideas.


4. Buy from an online charity shop.

If you don't have any local charity shops, try looking online. There are many stores that allow you to purchase products online, with the proceeds going directly to a good cause.


5. Consider a donation through a multiple cause website, such as Karma Karma.

If you want to donate to many different causes at an affordable price, consider using a site like Karma Karma. Instead of donating directly, you can buy 'Karma Points' to use on the site. You can then divide these points to split your donation between multiple causes. You can purchase points for as little as $3 USD for 3000 points and donations begin at just 30 points to offset 1lb of carbon and fight climate change, or 40 points to provide a water filter to a country in need.


6. Find your cause at Causes.com.

Causes.com allows you to browse different causes, allowing you to see what people are doing in the world and consider which ones you'd like to support.


7. See what’s happening in your local area.

It's always worth browsing local news sites or the page for your local environmental authority to see what's going on in your area. Through the internet, you might be able to connect with local people who feel the same way you do.


8. Tell your friends what you’re passionate about.

Using social media, it's easy to talk to your friends and tell them about the causes you believe in. It's also an easy way to send them links to information, petitions or events you feel they might like to get involved in.


9. Follow your favourite causes or charities on social media or blogs.

Another benefit of social media is that you can follow your favourite causes via their social media pages and blogs, ensuring you're always up to date on the latest good work. Why not follow Project Nelda at @projectnelda on Twitter?


These nine simple options provide easy, quick and in some cases even free ways to make a difference in the world, so now time, money and difficulty can no longer be an excuse for not being supportive – all thanks to the internet.

Do you use the internet to learn about and support good causes? What are your favourite ways to make a difference? Let us know in the comments section below – we'd love to hear about all your do-good activities!