13 Things The World Admires About India

India, a south Asian country, is known for its breath-taking landscapes and rich history. With 29 states and 7 union territories, the country is popular for its diversity in languages, customs, cuisines, and religions. It has shown the whole world that unity in diversity is what makes the difference. Though yet a developing country, India has been a center of attraction for many centuries and there are quite a few thingw the whole world admires about India

We are Deshpee, a group of companies with pride for India in our hearts, and today, we're talking about what our global clients have told us. Here are 13 things the world admires about India!


1. The Warm Hospitality

Indians follow the principle “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which means “Guest is God”. It shows our sense of responsibility to welcome guests and treat them with respect, be it, anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have turned up empty-handed, you sure will be returning with your stomach full from any Indian household you visit. The habit of being a great host without expecting anything from the guests should be inherited by everyone.

Namaste, wherein you bring your hands together like you’re praying, is the most common greeting used in India. The word ‘Namaste’ means ‘I bow to you’ and it is done while bowing slightly down and lowering your eyes. This small gesture itself shows immense respect and gratitude towards the guest.


2. Our Family is our Priority

India is a country where everyone values their family more than anything else. Kids stay with their families for a longer time and generally move out only when it is absolutely required. Also, people usually prefer staying in a joint family rather than a nuclear family. 


3. Respect for Elders

Indians hold immense respect for the elders in the family. From not replying back rudely, not raising their voice in front of the elders, to touching their feet for blessings; Indians show their respect in various ways. 


4. Respecting Different Religions & Cultures

13 Things The World Admires About India

India, as a country, is the origin of several religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, or Buddhism. Every person is free to choose which religion they wish to follow. Indians also understand the importance of respecting each other’s religion and their festivities. The whole world could learn a few things from the rich religious heritage of this country.

It is truly admirable to see how a country with such varied cultures holds it all together and celebrates every culture. India also tops in the number of festivals and public holidays because of this. Even if one follows a different religion, the enthusiasm to celebrate other festivals is no less.

This has also resulted in multilingualism. Almost every Indian understands at least 2-3 languages. 


5. The Connect & Sharing

Everyone in India is used to sharing, be it delicacies to their neighbors or any help that’s needed. The culture in India is such that people are constantly in touch with their relatives, family friends, and neighbors. Everyone feels free to ask for help from each other and finds immense strength from them in tough times. In today's virtual and 'less real' times, everyone can learn something from here.


6. A Habit of Saving Money

We Indians have this instinct of saving money, no matter how much we already have or how much we earn. Another skill that naturally comes to us is frugal living and bargaining. We know how and when to bargain for something that is over-priced and will always try to get the best value for our money. We generally know how much things truly cost and never try and cheap-bargain anything.


7. Ayurveda Medicines

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system used by many Indian communities. It focuses on getting the right balance through physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. The whole approach here is unique as it includes massages for rejuvenation, yoga & breathing for spiritual healing, and herbal treatments for various illnesses. It is all about using natural and easily available things like ghee, neem, turmeric, coconut oils, etc. as cures for varied problems. Following Ayurveda can be a wonderful shift from the heavy medications we depend on for the smallest of pains. Recently, so many western nations are adopting Ayurveda as a treatment culture, and it's increasing day by day.


8. Practicing Yoga

Most Indians, especially the elders, adhere to a daily yoga regime that includes breathing exercises, meditation, mantra chanting, and basic asanas. We don’t need to attend any workshops, but have made yoga a part of our lives for many years. This has been a very traditional way to take care of both your mind and body. Just a few minutes of yoga practice can transform your mood and energy, and who would not prefer spiritual nourishment while enhancing your mental and physical state?


9. Philanthropy

13 Things The World Admires About India

It is safe to say that philanthropy is a part of the Indian lifestyle. We Indians believe in giving back to society and helping those in need. Be it money or food, people will always share with the less privileged. One small thing that can be adopted anywhere in the world is to not throw away your leftovers. You could get your remaining food packed from the restaurant and give it to someone who needs it, rather than wasting the food. We all can learn from this and donate, volunteer, or help in any way.


10. Less Dependency on Gadgets

Though it’s uncommon now, power failure used to be a reality in some parts of India. So Indians had to come up with options to keep themselves entertained without gadgets or the internet. Outdoor games were preferred by people of all ages more than indoor games. Also, famous indoor games like snake & ladders, chess, ludo, carrom; and outdoor games like Kho Kho and Kabaddi have originated from India.


11. ‘No Waste’ Policy

Indians are highly adaptable as they live in a variety of situations all their life. Being in a land with cultural and linguistic diversity, each and every one is exposed to new situations quite a few times in their lives. Even when it comes to bottles or old clothes, Indians reuse them to keep the ‘no waste’ approach. We repurpose and reuse so many things so often that throwing anything away is a rare instance in some families. 


12. Event Management Skills

Indians seem to have great event management skills and the ability to easily find a way out of different issues. Don’t forget that this country hosts the largest gathering in the world – Kumbh Mela peacefully. The event attracts over 10 million people at one time.


13. Eco-friendly Living

13 Things The World Admires About India

Eating with your own hands, without any cutlery, is an experience in itself. Traditional meals in South India are served on a large banana leaf which is a very economical and environment-friendly option for all the plastic waste. The Indian lifestyle is full of such traditions, where we adopt eco-friendly ways to live.


And last but not the least, Indians are known to have lots of patience. Even our independence struggle shows how we won the struggle by patience and non-violence. Though the country is called developing, it sure sets an example for the whole world in many ways. 


At Deshpee, we love to promote our Indian values and many of our clients request us to bring such facts and traditions through our blogs.

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