10 Signs It's Time to Makeover Your Home

Giving your home a makeover is often about more than just home improvement. It's also a chance to recreate your space and ensure the home you live in is precisely the way you want it to be.

But if you're looking for a good reason to get the process started, why not consider some of these?


1. The current décor in your home is starting to look dated and worn down.

If your current décor is looking a bit tired or starting to look old and tattered, it's time for something new. Give your home a refresh with a fun new theme!


2. You've never put your own 'stamp' on your home.

If you moved right in and never took the time to decorate, you may feel as if your home isn't quite 'yours'. Put your own mark on it by redecorating it to your own personal tastes.


3. You're ready for change but can't move home.

If you want a change but aren't in a position to move, redecorating or remodelling could be the perfect way to switch things up.


4. Much of your home is trend focused, rather than classic and timeless.

Trends will fade in time, but classic, timeless styles will always look great in your home.


5. You're ready to consider starting a family – so changes may be necessary.

If you're willing to start a family, your home will need to be adapted to suit the needs of a child. But there's no reason it can't be stylish as well as kid-friendly!


6. Spending time at home isn't as enjoyable as it could be.

If you're not enjoying the time you spend at home, your surroundings could be part of the problem. Create an interior that promotes positive feelings and happiness and you'll soon find they reflect on to your mood.


7. You've let fear stand in your way in the past.

Many people are put off from taking on decorating projects due to fear. Perhaps you're concerned it will cost too much or maybe the time involved makes you wary. Regardless, you deserve a home you love, so it's time to put your fears behind you and find a way to make it work!


8. There's no cohesive theme between the rooms of your home.

While the rooms of your home don't necessarily have to 'match', there should be a consistent theme that flows naturally between them. Stepping from room to room shouldn't be a shock to the eyes.


9. Storage and organisation are becoming a problem.

If you're running out of storage spaces and your house is becoming cluttered, consider how redecorating (and rearranging in the process) could help. A new storage unit and some fresh new colours could lead to an organised and beautiful space.


10. Boredom has begun to set in.

Sometimes, we just want to change things out of boredom. If that's how you feel, redecorating will allow you to unleash your creativity and alleviate your craving for change.


If you're experiencing any of these points, it might be time to redecorate. Check out our cool ideas at Floma for inspiration!