Why Brands Should Focus on Digital Marketing Now M

Digital marketing has proven to be imperative for brands as the internet became part of our daily lives. With 4 billion global internet subscribers, more and more businesses are now focused on building an online brand image because that's where their customers are!

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected our lives and many industries worldwide in unprecedented ways over the past few weeks. Marketing spending and efforts of several companies, including various digital marketing campaigns, have been paused.

Today, looking beyond this situation and having a long-term view of the picture is crucial for marketers before pausing their digital marketing activities.

Today more than ever people are spending more time online. Indeed, as the coronavirus pandemic puts a quarter of the world's population under lockdown, internet hits have increased by 50-70%, Forbes said. So, during this time, brands need to define their digital marketing strategy carefully and find new & sensitive ways to connect.

Here are some strategies that you may find useful for your digital marketing initiatives in the pandemic era.


Go for Responsible Marketing

During these difficult times, set the right tone in your content to communicate. Currently, establishing an emotional connection with consumers is important for brands, and therefore the messaging should be carefully chosen.

Create engaging paid and organic content that in these times is meaningful and relevant. For example, many brands change and twist their logos to indicate social distance. During this crisis, the brand marketing should also highlight the value of social distance, staying at home to keep everyone safe, sharing helpful insights from home on work or important business tips.


Get your brand in front of your target audience

With COVID-19, any traditional marketing attempt is almost completely out of the picture. As millions of people worldwide continue to increase their time spent on the internet, brands need to understand that it's always important to be in front of their target audience.

Not every customer has stopped making purchase decisions, so when your audience checks the internet you want your business to be ready. Also, once this situation ends and business activity resumes, your marketing efforts will help create brand recall and keep your business relevant to your target audience.


Keep your target audience engaged with email marketing

It's important that brands keep their audience engaged at this time, but they must stop using bulk and automated communication and strategically position themselves.

If you send emails to clients about how your company is dealing with the crisis, then make sure that the information is relevant and take the opportunity to distinguish yourself. Make sure that your clients know you're open to business, how you're handling the problems and the situation won't interrupt any essential deliveries.

Reach out individually to your customers by sending them personalised emails, newsletters, etc. Messaging will undoubtedly play a crucial role in defining the future of your relationship with your customers at this time.


Track changes in customer behaviour

Watch carefully how your customer behaviour during these times is evolving. Indeed, when the world bids adieu to the COVID-19, the purchase behaviour of the customers could have transformed – their interest in products or services, their brand needs and expectations, spending patterns, etc.


Make the smart move and avoid product launches

It is best not to release new products during these challenging times, even though it is completely essential. Whether you are launching the products / services through digital marketing or not, it doesn't matter. Your efforts may not lead to favourable results and may hamper the brand image. Scheduling it for the future, when the market is reopening and the energy is replacing is a wiser decision.


Businesses need to understand that this situation will not last forever and that their business will not close. They need to retain their brand image, as it may be more difficult to recover after losing momentum later. This is how digital marketing works!

So stay positive and use this opportunity to redefine your digital marketing strategy, strengthen your current relationships and create long-term trust with your audience and get ready for success after this crisis. Get your comeback planned!