Top Online SEO Courses to Take During the Coronavi

Unfortunately, day-to-day activities have been brought to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For medical reasons, everyone is told to stay at home, and wait for normalcy to return.

But why just wait for things to happen? You can stay at home and still make good use of the free time in your hands by undertaking a few top online SEO courses.

But what exactly is SEO? How will you benefit by learning SEO? Let's find out before we move on to the online SEO training and certifications list.


What is SEO?   

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of driving more traffic using organic search results, by optimising your website to be more suited for search engines like Google.

You can optimise your web content via SEO to increase its chances to appear on a search engine result's first page. SEO will ultimately make your web page a preferred click and visit option for users. You can do all this organically, unlike paid search advertising which requires paying for the clicks.


Why are Online SEO Courses and Certifications important? 

Any training is good training if you're starting from zero. Most courses and certifications improve your skills and resume, and SEO is no different.

The path towards becoming a true SEO expert starts with applying relevant theoretical knowledge to practical applications. Learning courses and certifications helps you gain the skills required.

Let's look at some of the SEO's most significant factors that affect organic search traffic.


1. Mobile search optimisation

82% of mobile shoppers conduct searches on their phones 'near me,' according to Uberall.

About 70% of them are now using their mobile for shopping. Optimising your website for mobile searches is critical.


2. On-page optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to steps taken on your website to boost your search ranking position. This involves optimising the page speed, web design, titles & meta descriptions, images' alt tags, etc.


3. Improving aspects of Technical SEO

It is well known that Google provides preferential treatment to websites that have covered all facets of Technical SEO. This includes website optimisations that help search engine crawlers index the site more effectively.


4. Website speed optimisation

Google reports that 53% of website users will leave a page that will take longer than three seconds to load. This will lead to higher bounce rates for your website.

A fast loading website will help you keep more of your website visitors engaged. This can lead to a lower bounce rate and increased chances of better ranking.


5. Optimising the user experience

Is it easy to navigate your website? Is the content of your website engaging enough to force your visitors to stay? Is your site secure, fast, and mobile-friendly?

A lively user interface attracts visitors to the website. SEO and UX work together to create a successful combination.


6. Unleashing the power of your content

Your business can focus on creating and distributing high-quality content for attracting and maintaining your target audience through content marketing. Don't forget to keep in mind the ultimate goal. Convince the audience to take the action you want them to take.


7. Optimise your local SEO Google My Business listing

Improving local SEO by listing your business on Google is an easy way to market your business online. 97% of search engine users recently searched online to find a local business, according to a report.

It helps you promote your products, services, or brand and reach out to local customers who are online looking for it.


So, given SEO 's obvious importance for the organic growth of your website, how can you use the current lockdown to become skilled in it? Simple. By taking the top online SEO courses! Here are top 4 free online SEO courses to improve your SEO skills in a few weeks.


1. SEMrush Fundamentals Course  

This course will help you brush up on the fundamentals of SEO by learning from Greg Gifford, an experienced Local SEO consultant.

The course is free of cost and duration of this course is four hours.


2. SEO Training Course by Moz  

For people wishing to learn SEO from scratch, Moz offers a detailed free training programme.


3. HubSpot Free SEO Crash Course  

Learn all things SEO using Hubspot that will help you understand the strategies behind blogging to rank # 1 on Google.


 4. Optimising a Website for Search: Local SEO   

You can learn the ins and outs of website optimisation in this course. Rebekah May, SEO Director & Lead SEO Trainer, will teach the course.


Hope you'll find these online SEO courses and guides useful. Completing the above online SEO courses in an ever-evolving digital era will make you stand out from your competition. Utilise the free time that you have now. Know your current SEO skills, and develop them!

Remember that every successful journey starts with a first step. This will be yours on the path to becoming a successful SEO specialist.