5 Job Search Tips to Get the Job You Want

Finding a new job can be a very challenging experience. You have to go through so much in order to find the perfect job that you want. But don’t worry it’s not that much difficult. 

There are many great apps and platforms that can be used to make the job search process a fun experience. There are countless opportunities out there, you have to be one step forward and plan your search process carefully.

Here are the five best tips that will help you to get the job you want.


1. Know What You Want

It is important to know what skills and qualification you have before starting the search. You will be never satisfied with the type of jobs that are you are not interested in. 

Look for the one which you are passionate about and which match your skills. It will become so much easy for you if you have the right skill that matches the job requirements.


2. Start Your Research

Now that you know what you want to do, look for the companies that have the type of post that you want. Start investigating those companies on Google. Know about their company culture, salary, and the future scope. 

This way you will be able to select the right kind of job at the right company. Prepare for the type of questions that you could be asked in the interviews.


3. Create a Perfect Resume and a LinkedIn Profile

Your resume plays a very important role in the job search process. Create a resume that fits perfectly with the job requirements. The best way is to have an achievement-oriented resume which shows your achievements that are relevant to the job.  

More than 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to search for the right candidates. Having a LinkedIn profile is very crucial and you can use it to your full advantage. It’s more like your virtual resume.


4. Build Networks Both Online and Offline

Networking is the key when finding the perfect job. Networking in person or online is very important. 

Reach out to people on LinkedIn, it can be some who are already working in the company that you want to get in. Build a good relationship with them and ask for a referral.

Also, try to reconnect with your old friends as it will be difficult for you to look everywhere all the time on your own. Your friend might be working in one of the companies that you are willing to work in. This can help you a lot in the job search process.


5. Be prepared for the interviews

It’s better to stay prepared before the interviews are actually scheduled. Research on what are the common questions that can be asked to you in the interview. Use the mock interviewing techniques. Also, write a thoughtful thank you note (email) after the interview. This will show your moral and ethics to your interviewer.



Finding a perfect job can sometimes be stressful but using the tips mentioned above will help you simplify the process. Stay positive and confident and remember that good thing takes time!

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