Metaverse in India; Why Should You Care?

The metaverse concept is still new, and there's an impressive talk about approximately how to characterize it. India is prepared to help construct the metaverse with its flourishing tech division and culture of entrepreneurship. The Government of India is encouraging the development of a digital economy worth up to $1 trillion, and yes, it is happening!

Do you have a Sci-Fi fandom or do you love science fiction?

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NFTs in India: The next big thing for Digital Marketers

The Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the digital tokens stored on an Ethereum blockchain that can store your unique digital files. There is a thin line between this upcoming technology and innovations going on in India.

Modern India has had a strong emphasis on science and technical innovation, figuring out that it could be a key component for financial development. India stands third among the foremost appealing investment destinations for innovation exchanges globally. India has kept…

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Inclusive Marketing- and How Important It Will Be

The unpredictable idea of 2020 has constrained brands to take some real time to contemplate how they interact with their clients. Shop terminations and stay-at-home requests implied that individuals were stuck inside, which likewise implied that they were investing much more energy on the web. This pushed brands to stretch out and make more human-driven methods of arriving at their purchasers.

Over the course of the coming year, we'll see this proceed. Live-streams will turn out to…

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Top Online SEO Courses to Take During the Coronavi

Unfortunately, day-to-day activities have been brought to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For medical reasons, everyone is told to stay at home, and wait for normalcy to return.

But why just wait for things to happen? You can stay at home and still make good use of the free time in your hands by undertaking a few top online SEO courses.

But what exactly is SEO? How will you benefit by learning SEO? Let's find…

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Why Brands Should Focus on Digital Marketing Now M

Digital marketing has proven to be imperative for brands as the internet became part of our daily lives. With 4 billion global internet subscribers, more and more businesses are now focused on building an online brand image because that's where their customers are!

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected our lives and many industries worldwide in unprecedented ways over the past few weeks. Marketing spending and efforts of several companies, including various digital marketing…

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