Titanate App - More Than Your Business Partner 

You might have been wondering what the Titanate app all about is! Titanate is an Android application that you can install from the Google Play Store.

Now, you may ask us, why download the Titanate app and what usefulness it has for you. Let us tell you.


What is Titanate? 

Titanate has been publishing as a quarterly booklet of Deshpee Group from December 2019. It was Vedarth's idea to make Titanate reach more like-minded people. Titanate has been a reflection of Deshpee Group's failures and successes. It has also been the guiding light for Titans of Deshpee who with their sweat, blood and tears, have made Deshpee a successful brand today. 

Vedarth always believes in sharing his knowledge. As a millennial entrepreneur, he and our team have gone through all the ups and downs which today's startups face. Today, Deshpee Group is an established and successful business brand.   

Bringing Titanate on a digital platform was the only way to reach more like-minded people who would get free access to information, knowledge, and guidance from Deshpee Titans and the successful people in our society.


What is inside the Titanate App? 

Apart from the information about our business experiments, struggles, failures and successes, Titanate is a lot more than that for you. 

As a business owner, who knows better than you, how hard it is to get clients and grow your business. Retaining potential customers, staying ahead from your competitors, handling losses, managing social media marketing, motivating human resources, etc. are crucial aspects of business. And we at Deshpee have literally experienced all this first hand.

We feel, Titanate is our small attempt to provide you not only our business story but also a guiding light to live and lead your personal and professional life more confidently and successfully. It's like your practical business life mentorship


Content Categories Inside the Titanate App


1. 60 Seconds Solutions (Videos)

Multiple times a week, you'll get a 60 seconds of practical business tips from Deshpee Group's General Manager, Vedarth. It's real business stuff. From how to increase your employees' performance to how to improve your social media marketing, you'll get daily business solutions that you hardly find in 60 seconds and that is also in an app. 


2. Management Blogs

You can read and watch more than 300+ blogs and videos regarding business management. We aim to provide you with nearly 1000+ blogs and videos by the end of 2020. 


3. Digital Marketing Ideas

Under this category, you'll get an extensive idea, suggestions, and solutions on digital marketing. Digital marketing is today's single most prioritized thing for any company. Getting accurate, authentic and wide information on your digital marketing strategy is what you can expect here. Deshpee's Socinova is one of the fastest growing social media management agencies with more than 5 years of industry experience.


4. Design  

Trigacy, providing On-Demand Digital Marketing Services With Affordable Prices & Fast Delivery is a subsidiary of Deshpee Group. You'll get a lot of stuff on the graphic and interior designing topics here in the Titanate App. From how to create an effective brand logo to learning practical steps to design your home. 


5. Life @ Deshpee

You'll see how we at Deshpee do things. The young, enthusiastic, expert and like-minded team members of Vedarth's Desphee Group are a good example of creative, committed and high-performance team. It's said that learning from others' mistakes is a great way to run your business successfully. Deshpee's wide industry experience would unfold you to many extraordinary things that would help you to grow your business. 


6. Society   

Deshpee Group believes in giving back to society. Nelda Foundation is a small initiative to support organisations working in the tree plantation space. You and your business are an integral part of the society we live in. Participating and contributing in your own way would give you a sense of fulfilment. Through this section, you can read, learn, get engaged and contribute to social causes.  


7. Career 

You'll read here about diverse career opportunities in today's digital world. As a business owner, you should be aware of different emerging job avenues so it helps you to create a space for your expanding business as well.  


How can you make the most of Titanate?

Titanate is your free time buddy. It's probably the easiest platform which you can use to learn how to start and run your business and much more. 


For whom is the Titanate app best useful?

1. All startup entrepreneurs

2. Business owners who are running a business for more than 3 to 4 years, but not having desired growth

3. Anyone who has a business idea 

4. Anyone who is eager to learn new things and wants to spend 10 minutes daily for self-growth 


The key striking features of the Titanate app:

1. You can read and watch videos

2. You can like and comment

3. You can add your content (YouTube video, links, text). Once you submit your content, it will be verified for business relevance and then published. You can see your content in the Titanate app itself.

4. Offline reading access so no internet needed to open the app!


A quick guide to get started with the Titanate app:

1. Open your Google Play Store app and Install Titanate. It's just 10 MB only.

2. Complete the fastest login from your Facebook or Google account

3. Start enjoying and changing your life


A few question we would like to answer:


Why should I install Titanate if I get everything on YouTube? 

Yes! You do get everything on YouTube today, but that's scattered. In Titanate, you get curated information and that is all about your business growth. YouTube also distracts you, but Titanate makes sure you remain focused on what you're looking for. Titanate saves your time and provides you the extensive collection of all required business-related ideas, information, and solutions.  

And by the way, Titanate gives you an opportunity to invest just 10 minutes  a day for visible growth. Is it too much to ask for your own business and self-growth?


What is the monetary benefit of using Titanate for me?

Titanate doesn't give you any direct monetary benefit, but it's your indirect investment in business and self-growth. Knowledge, experiences, solutions which you get from Titanate cannot be counted in monetary terms. But its long term use for your business does certainly bring considerable business growth. 


So go on, make the best use of Titanate and don't forget to share your feedback with us. Cheers to being a successful business owner! 

Download the Titanate app via the Google Play Store today!