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What is Deshpee Group?

Deshpee Group was founded by Shriram Deshpande and team on 10th December 2014.

We began our journey with Floma, an interior design company then Socinova, an affordable social media management company. Soon we started Trigacy, a digital marketing agency then Nelda, a tree plantation NGO. Deshpee Digital Marketing Training Institute and Heaven Adventure, a trekking company are our latest two initiatives.

Today, we're more than just a group of companies. Our mission is to make this world a better place through technology. We aim to build things that will last more than our lifetimes.

Deshpee Group doesn't just believe in profit making. We're committed to making the lives of people better by giving away the knowledge we've earned.

We've seized opportunities as they came. And we'll keep doing it. 


What is Titanate? 

We're happy and proud to bring our quarterly magazine 'Titanate' onto a digital platform for you. 

It is a small attempt to provide you an insight on how the 'Titans' in our society are shaping our future.Titanate is a reflection of the stories of Titans in our society who have changed the lives of people. And it's also a directory of motivational and informative blogs to help you get your business up and running.

To put it simply, if you are looking for motivation and practical solutions on how to start and run your business, then Titanate is for you.


Why did we launch Titanate?

We are always inspired by stories of hard work and indomitable courage. As the Titans of Deshpee Group, we believe in learning from common people whose struggles made them heroes of today's India.

We know that sharing success chapters of great people with others motivates everyone. People look for inspiration from real incidents. However, they hardly find a right place to read about the actual change makers.

As our core belief in giving back to the society, we chose a different path to contribute in the nation building by making people aware about our own Titans.


How can you make the most of Titanate?

Titanate is your free time buddy. It's probably the easiest platform which you can use to learn how to start and run your business.


Herein the ways to make the most of Titanate:

1. Single stream of content from entire Deshpee's library

You can read, comment, download and share the variety of content from Deshpee's library. Ranging from real life stories to blog posts on business management, interior design, social media management, adventures, to name a few. 


2. Daily motivation

You'll get daily motivational stories to keep you up in your life. You can learn more about the Titans of our times who have made their blood, sweat and tears turn into something magnificent. These successful voices will motivate you to spend your day being more focused towards your goals.


3. Effective tips to run your business and life

You'll have effective tips to run your business from the experienced and successful Deshpee Team. You would also get the extraordinary life building tips from successful businessmen. You can express, participate, share and connect with business leaders to boost your business and life.


4. Stay updated with the latest Deshpee events

Deshpee Group organizes many exciting & engaging business events to help people around to grow in their respective fields. Staying updated with our events gives you a great chance to enhance your professional and personal life in manifold.


5. Share your own motivation & blogs

Titanate gives you a chance to share your story. You can share your or your friend's business story with us. We believe in giving the free and equal platform to people who share the same ideas and vision like us.


6. Be among like-minded people

If you believe in and share our core values then you're like us. You are an extended part of our Deshpee family. We always appreciate and engage with like-minded people. You'll get an opportunity to be among us by connecting to the Titanate platform.


7. Have exclusive invites to Deshpee networking events

You get free access to Deshpee's networking events. We're a dynamic group of companies, hence, we're constantly working to network with new people. By being a part of Titanate, you get to be in our inner circle.


8. Connect with Deshpee's team for any help or guidance

You can easily connect with Deshpee's team for any business related query or help. We're always ready to help you!


So go on, make the best use of Titanate and don't forget to share your feedback with us. Cheers to being successful! Download the Titanate app via the Google Play Store today!