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What is Deshpee Group?

Deshpee Group was founded by Shriram Deshpande and team on 10th December 2014.

We began our journey with Floma, an interior design company then Socinova, an affordable social media management company. Soon we started Trigacy, a digital marketing agency then Nelda, a tree plantation NGO. Deshpee Digital Marketing Training Institute and Heaven Adventure, a trekking company are our latest two initiatives.

Today, we're more than just…

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Digital Marketing Courses in Pune: Why You Should

Indians have embraced digitisation in every run of their lives. There is no another way better than digital channels, and social media handles to reach out to people and make an impact. 

In this Internet age, there are more than 400 million Internet users in India, and with the amplified use of the Internet in the past few years, the digital scenario has also witnessed an upsurge. About 87 percent brands today use digital channels for marketing. Also, 38 percent of companies have…

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Here's How Deshpee is Connecting the Indian Interi

As you probably already know, Deshpee encompasses a group of separate brands – each with their own unique services and products. One of these brands is Floma – a website focused on both traditional and modern interior design with an Indian flair, as well as plenty of authentic Indian products.

But it’s more than just a site for inspiration or an online store. Through Floma, Deshpee is trying to connect the Indian interior design industry…

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5 Reasons to Consider Deshpee Group for your Next

At Deshpee, we offer a wide range of services through our four distinct brands – Floma, Socinova, Trigacy Digital and Nelda.

But when you're looking to make a comparison between companies and us offering similar services, what exactly is it that makes us stand out?

Here are five great reasons to consider Deshpee Group for your next project!


1. We keep our customers in the loop.

No matter which of our services you use, we aim…

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