How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Busin

The internet is crowded with tens of millions of websites with new ones being added every day. If you want search engines and users to locate your website conveniently, then the domain name needs to be memorable but also reflective of what you do. You need to use the right keywords that describe your small business or what you do- something that is generic, perhaps, like a pen but also unique like Deshpee gold pens. The right domain name can also build your brand that lets people know what you do.


Unique, but short

Domain name must be easy to type out and must not contain short forms like 'u' or words with multiple spellings- gurls, girls, and gurlz. If you do use such words, make sure you use them consistently on your website. If you sell girls’ clothing, you need to ensure that your domain name is different from that of your competition which also sells the same, for example. 


Easy to remember

You need to have a domain name that everyone can remember. If you have an excellent website but people can’t remember your domain name, the word of mouth marketing will not be effective. The domain name must also be able to come up on industry-related searches. SEO best practices entail that the domain name should contain the keywords you are targeting for your industry. If the name is short, it is easy to remember and allows more characters in the URLs. Longer domain names are difficult to spell and memorise.


Avoid using hyphens and numbers

Hyphens and numbers complicate the domain name. Not only is it hard to remember their position in the name but they can be difficult to type out. Google makes it a lot harder to rank names with numbers and hyphens. Use neither numerals nor spellings of numbers and avoid Roman numerals as they can cause confusion in spelling like o (alphabet) and 0 (zero).


Prefix and suffix

Along with the right domain name, it is better to use .com extension as that is what most people immediately relate to, especially for international business. Dot org, .net could come in as second choices, but isn't good for a business. However, if you have a local business, you could use a domain name that suffixes with one that is country specific like If your website offers local services, it is a good idea to use the place name in the prefix like Londonflowers.


About branding and trademarks

The domain name you select must not be trademarked, copyrighted or in use by another company. This can be costly in terms of legal entanglements, and you would lose your website too. To make sure you are not infringing on someone’s domain name, visit the website or your local government website and search before you buy the domain name.


In the Internet age, domain is as important as your business name. Hence, you must do all possible effort to choose it wisely.