Boss Vs. Leader: Which One Are You?

When you have a company, there is a lot of work to manage. From coming up with new ideas to making sure you are ahead of your competitors, you need to rule out accurate lines and abide by the rule book you made for yourself. But when it comes to the backbone of your organisation- your employees, do you have a formula that can guide you right? 

Are you a Boss or a Leader? Don’t know the difference? Read on to find out.                        











Is unapproachable



Is open-minded




Works according to his schedule and believes in what he feels is right



Is open to suggestions and adjustments considering his team's opinions




Is authoritative



Believes in goodwill




Generates fear



Generates encouragement




Blames everyone for breakdown



Gets the train on track




Uses people



Develops people




Says ‘Go!’



Says ‘let’s go!’




Demands attention



Looks for coordination











Says ‘ I’ and ‘You’



Says ‘We’


You remember the teachers who were extremely strict and never compromised on homework? You hated them with all your heart and hoped they would be absent every day. Now, do you remember that teacher who was like a friend? She simply explained everything and understood genuine reasons for you not doing your homework. You still miss her, right? Because she was a leader. This is the exact difference between a boss and a leader. 

Managing office while juggling a family life and squeezing a pea amount of time for yourself, we understand your exhaustion. But if you make the environment you live in easier, everything will fall into place and your workplace will increase the productivity. Become a leader; it will make life simpler, not only for you, but for everyone around you. Remember, all leaders can be bosses but not all bosses can be leaders!


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