7 Things Chess Teaches Us About Business

Chess is famous as a complicated mental game modeled to achieve victory. Apart from a game, it also is an activity which has vast benefits for everyone, not only for mental development but also for business. 

Here are some of the most important lessons about business which you can learn through a game of chess.

1. Look ahead of time (foresee).

Only those who can foresee the moves before time can sustain the game of chess. And the same goes for business. Taking an effort to look into the future and be prepared for the risks which may arise is a very important skill.

2. Every sacrifice has a value.

In chess, there are circumstances where you need to sacrifice a piece to gain an advantage in the future. Similarly in business, making investment decisions and spending on things like additional capacity can reap more significant returns in the future.

3. It develops your memory.

To be able to stay ahead, you must learn how to memorise lots of potential moves. As memory is a crucial part of thinking, it's important for all your business decisions as well.

4. Preparation is imminent.

Preparations and practice make a player perfect in chess. Same goes with business. The more you prepare and get accustomed through practice, the more you will be able to gain success.

5. Think out of the box.

Although the rules are strict, an expert player knows how to think out of the box and become successful in Chess. Similarly, an entrepreneur too must come up with innovative campaigns and marketing tactics to prevail in front of giant competitors.

6. Patience has value.

In chess, a player needs time to place pieces in the proper positions before an attack or else, it may backfire. This is similar to business where you need to patiently restrain yourself from fast and impromptu moves until the right time comes. You need to conduct market research,  and feasibility studies before making any decision.


7. Anticipate other people’s moves.

While making a move in chess, you need to anticipate the likely responses of your opponent as they will also be having plans to defeat you.  This idea of a thinking is a must while making business plans. Through this, you will become aware of how your competitors would react to your moves and also stay prepared for the counter-attack.


At Deshpee, we have a keen outlook towards business and have learned a lot from our games of chess, and hope this blog has helped you learned a few things too!