7 Small Investment Business Ideas In India After C

Coronavirus is certainly one of the biggest economic setbacks to India in the recent past. Lots of businesses will find it hard to make it through this scenario. But once this pandemic is over, it is going to open new opportunities for small businesses.

A small-scale business is one that is commonly popular for its limited capital investment and minimal workforce. But let’s not be tricked by their size, small investment businesses can be very promising as well. These businesses are known to be the backbone of the Indian economy. Observing the current trends of the economy and the worldly affairs, it will be fair to say that the pandemic shall leave the economy with numerous new opportunities to venture. What better time to plan your investments than now?  Indian market is all seasoned up to be dominated by an ambitious entrepreneur.

Here are a few examples of the best small investment business ideas in India for 2020, where you get divulge to earn good profits.


1. Organic Food Store

As consumers move further away from chemical-based products, it opens up a huge market for pesticide and insecticides free food. Better health and an organic lifestyle today have become like a basic necessity. Apart from that, a lot of ailments require patients to consume only organically grown food. The availability of such fruits and vegetables in towns and cities is always a problem. Even if they are available their prices are simply exorbitant as compared to the other naturally grown goods. A tie-up with the local growers around, and setting up home deliveries can be a good start to this venture.


2. Drive a Food Truck

Everybody prefers to order in or buying good food after a long day of work. And nothing can beat a warm plate of delicious lunch at work during your break. A food truck business, in and around the office areas is now appearing to be a popular choice among the youngsters. Good, filling and inexpensive meals will never get boring. India is also famous for its fusion street food. This business shall require an investment of a vehicle, probably a big van and of course, a workforce, comprising of a good cook!!


3. Tour Planners

This is for people who are looking for an entry ticket into the tourism industry. Every prudent person looking for a vacation would want to make the best out of each of his penny. Vacations are for people to make great memories and no tour can be great if it’s not planned well in advance. But not everyone can take out the time to carry out a detailed research and contact the required people for arrangements. This is where a planner comes handy. It shall only require a small space with a computer system. This one can be for all the travel buffs out there.


4. Day Care Services

India is expected to have a 34.33% share of youth in the total population. This comprises both the men and women. One of the most common problems that the working class currently is facing is their kids, who cannot be left alone. Day Care services or Crèches hence can be a wonderful opportunity in office places.  This would only require a suitable space and a small work-force. Your personal home too can act as a day care center. One benefit of this business is that you are only working in the office hours. This would mean that day care centres would not keep you occupied for the whole day.


5. Inventory Management

With the world advancing at this rate, everything is being done at the speed of a simple click. Today, quite a lot of consumers prefer getting their needs delivered at their door steps than running around looking for them. Running chores have now turned into express deliveries. This is why business platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Grofers, Big Basket, etc. are growing significantly. But then again, for managing such huge orders, these e-commerce platforms require godowns and storage facilities to maintain their inventory. This channels an opportunity to operate your very own inventory management service and facilitate speedy deliveries.


6. Virtual Consultants

This one is easy and quick. Every organization or individual can need professional and expert advice at some occasion or the other in a particular area such as business, education, human resources, law, marketing, finance, health care, regulatory compliance, engineering, science, security (electronic or physical), or any of many other specialized fields. With the market becoming more business friendly, more ventures are now coming up. Now when it comes to the important decisions of the business, nobody would want to make a call without addressing the grey areas. This is where the need for consultant’s aka experts come in. Consultants usually are known to implement a process or organizational structure in which their client lacks experience.

This kind of business only requires space and a few experts for the specific fields.


7. SEO Consultant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically the system of optimizing content so that it can be discovered through a search engine’s organic search results. Ultimately it’s the art of driving the people to your website. A lot goes in the background of making a particular site available to the viewer. This is where the magic of an SEO consultant comes in.

As an SEO consultant, you are required to analyze your client’s website content and make recommendations on how they can make their content more search friendly. Such recommendations help in improving the search engine ranking and generate more organic search traffic.

In simpler words, you’ll tell them how to tune their website so that more people click on what they are offering. This business only requires your expertise and a system.


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We wish you all the best for your new business venture and if you do start a business after reading this, please let us know in the comments!