5 Indian Magazines You Have to Read as an Entrepre

You would hardly find any successful entrepreneurs who don't spend his or her time in reading business magazines. Who knows better than you that how important it is to stay updated with business happenings. Every moment, the market is changing like the wind changes its direction. As an entrepreneur, it's paramount to stay well-informed about the current business developments in order to understand, compare, notice and review trends. 

There are many ways through which you can get the latest information about the market trends, government's policies regarding business communities, changing customers' demands, employees' productivity, etc. But the only place where you would be in a position to read, know and understand all of the above business aspects is business magazines.

So, knowing which Indian business magazines to read is also crucial for entrepreneurs like you who want qualitative, authentic, updated and thorough information about the business happenings. 


5 Indian Magazines You Have to Read as an Entrepreneur  


1. Outlook Business

This is one of the most famous business magazines in India. The magazine carefully carries an analysed information from small to big business sectors that require sound understanding. It covers various aspects of ventures and enterprises' information through which entrepreneurs like you can get a subtle understanding of business dynamics. The Outlook Magazine also gives you a detailed analysis about the market trends, the government's changed or upcoming business policies, stock market, etc. 


2. Business India  

If you are looking for tiny business details, the Business India magazine is the one. It is considered a pioneer in Indian business journalism. It gives an objective picture of the business economy and a corporate world. You would also find in-depth analysis of the business economy. As an entrepreneur, it is very fundamental for you to go through these business happenings well. The magazine does focus on the overall aspects of business trends and other such market developments.   


3. Business Today

This is also one of the top read business magazines in India. The Business Today magazine gives detailed reports on the effects of Indian business market. From small to big industries, the magazine has a lot of things to offer in terms of customers, supply and demand chain trends, the impact of global economy on the Indian business world. The magazine also covers the diverse regional business issues and challenges. 


4. Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur India mostly focuses on business stories. It shares the extraordinary business stories which inspire its readers. The magazine also covers the entrepreneurship issues and challenges in detail. If you want to avoid mistakes and learn from others' failures then this magazine is the best one for you. Apart from its business and entrepreneurship story based coverage, the Entrepreneur India magazine widely discusses the Indian business world. 


5. Forbes India

The Forbes India magazine is one of the most renowned business magazines in India. The magazine is managed by the Reliance Industries and owned by the media conglomerate, Network 18. The magazine has rightly captured the heartbeats of young business owners today. Forbes India gives an extensive coverage to diverse business trends in all the possible industries. It updates the readers with its coveted data packed information, stats, examples, reports, etc. It also gives entrepreneurs like you a chance to share your business ideas and experiences. 


 2020 Entrepreneurship Tip 

As a staunch entrepreneur, you should read all or at least go through these business magazines regularly if you want to grow your business. If you are a super busy business owner then it's always better to find a digital solution for this time crunch.  

Preferring a business content app is the easiest way to get a highly curated and solution oriented business information. 


Final Words

Reading is a good habit. And if you want to grow your business successfully then you should spend daily 10 minutes at least for it. Reading business magazines once a month could be the best way to boost your business.

So go on, start reading and start growing your business in India!