25+ Business Ideas for the Post Lockdown Period

The lockdown may have brought your life to a standstill, but it has also given all of us some great time to explore our creative sides. With almost 2 months into the lockdown, we all are pretty much excited to resume back into our workaholic lifestyles. Now while this lockdown has narrowed the scope to run a few businesses, it has also opened doors to great new business ideas. The post lockdown world will surely be different. By this we mean that concepts of social distancing cannot be expected to end along with the lockdown. Hence, it only makes sense if we visualize the market needs for potential business ideas now.

One thing that we all can agree with is, technology is the future. While the traditional walk in showrooms or shops-cum-offices may seem like a 100% safe option, we must not forget that technology driven businesses are now gaining more popularity. The race today is to deliver convenience at the customer's figure to and not just the door step. Hence, this opens up a huge possibility of businesses that are online based.

We must utilize this wonderful opportunity and come up with some great business ideas for the post lockdown period.

So, here we present to you some great ideas for both online and offline businesses for the post lockdown period.


1. Virtual Consultancy

Every individual or organization will need some professional or expert advice at some point or the other. Whether it's business, human resources, law, marketing, finance, health care, regulatory compliance, engineering, science, security, every venture will need some detailed insight into some field. This is where the need for experts of professionals comes in. An expert will be a person who a) holds some expertise in a particular field; and b) will be in a better position of guiding a client through all the technicalities. As the market opens up, a lot of new business ventures too will come up. Consultants usually are known to implement a process or organizational structure in which their client lacks experience.


2. Inventory Management

Now that the consumer base is rapidly shifting towards online shopping, the need for having more warehouses to support online businesses has risen. Quite a lot of customers now prefer getting their needs delivered at their door steps. Running chores is just too main-stream today.

Post the lockdown too it shall be advised to avoided crowded places and shops can be a very common place to pick up bacteria and germs. If you have a spare space or even a small unused room at the back, you can always convert it into a storage facility for the online business.


3. Cleaning Services

The need for a clean and sanitized environment is the only precaution against having another pandemic. Hence this creates a wonderful opportunity for cleaning services. As we know a lot of migrant workers are now out of work with narrow hope of getting any assistance for even minimum wages. So we now have both, a business opportunity and the employees.

With the constant increase in the need of having sanitized public places, especially like the medical hospitals, etc, there has been an unexpected rise in the sale of these services. For this you can open up on agency with reliable workers and work on a contractual basis with companies. This one field shall still have strong recruitment and it looks pretty stable for some time even if it is after the wake of this deadly virus.


4. Delivery Services

As various researches have now suggested, this virus is not something whose existence can be contained that easily. So perhaps we all will have to ultimately learn to live with it. This shall encourage a lot of consumers to choose delivery services for getting mostly all their requirements at their door step. Since its gaining all the popularity, it only makes sense to invest in such business ideas.  For this, you can start at a lower scale of may be just your locality. Have a man-force for 2-3 men with their vehicles or even bicycles for that matter. Tie up with your local vendor and suggest him to market your service to all his customers. This way he can attract more clients and you can benefit from the same as well. To go on a larger scale, looking at the current condition, you might need the necessary permits for the movement. A lot of food chains still don't operate over Zomato or other food delivery apps. You can tie-up with the same and expand into the food sector.


5. E-Book keeping

Since a lot of multinational companies and offices have been suggested to maintain minimal strength, a lot of people will now be working from home. These companies will now be operating totally online which means a lot of technical support will be required.

Hence, another good business idea can be E-book keeping. Since these companies usually rely upon huge data files, maintaining the same cannot be a cup of tea for everyone. If you hold experience in this field and can be of assistance to companies in keeping their data safe and yet organized, you have just got yourself a job. The employees can require any kind of data at any given time and you can come handy in looking for that needle in the haystack.


6. E-Accounting

Another easy way of starting a business can be e-accounting. For the ones who are good with numbers or belong to a field of accounting, you can have a small firm to support the accounting and auditing of the other companies. As we stated above since a lot of work will now be shifted online, not all companies will have easy access to accountants. Hence, it's advisable to dedicate accounting to a professional.


7. IT Support

We all can agree to the fact that, the lockdown has brought the creative side out for a lot of us. We all have seen our fellow friends and family turn into fashion bloggers and YouTubers to kill the boredom. Be it your sister's fashion or make-up video or your mother's cookery classes, the level of content that has gone up during this lockdown is insane. Now a lot of times these bloggers and influencers need technical assistance to understand the glitches or the basic functioning of various forums. If you are good with WordPress, YouTube, Instagram, or any other site, this can be a great business idea for you.


8. Social Media Advisor

Since a lot of business is now going online, a lot of forums will now need online image consultants. Companies will now have to build their social media image. The ones who didn't have an online presence would have to start from the beginning, to retain their customers. So, if you are good at generating content and evaluating the same this can be a great job for you.


9. Virtual Assistant

Working from home is not always as easy as it sounds. It can be a lot on one's plate too. So, having a virtual assistant at such an occasion can be a boon for a lot of workaholics. Someone who can arrange for the virtual meetings, or help in achieving the daily goals or just schedule your day up. This business idea can be great even for house wives who are looking for something new to start with. It requires bare minimum investment and can be a good way to earn money.


10. Freelancer

Whether you are a content writer or video maker, freelancing is that one business that even the lockdown couldn't shake. Any skill that you think you are fairly good at can be put to use through freelancing. People put up advertisements for their work and you can make offers of your price. It's simple as you can work at your ease, without stepping out of your house which minimalizes the chances of bringing in the virus.


11. Website Designer

As we discussed earlier, a lot of businesses will now go online, since technologically driven businesses are way more profit yielding than the traditional store based ones. However, it's a major step to build a user friendly forum to attract customers. If you are someone with a knack for website coding, this can be another great business opportunity.


12.  YouTuber

Another well known fact is that, Youtube-ing is an underestimated career. One hit on YouTube can end up generating millions of viewership, which in turn, attracts the brands to choose your video for their advertisement. These advertisements are the primary sources of income for the YouTubers. Now if you think that you have a new creative idea for a video, which you can put together, then go ahead with it. Be it comedy, informative, musical, dance, cookery anything.


13.  Online Gaming

A lot of people have relied upon online gaming to survive this lockdown. Games like COD, PUBG, or Free fire, have been extremely popular not just amongst the men but also the women. Now if you have a creative idea and can along with the help of a good app development team put a great game out there in the market, then this can be a great way to generate some easy cash.


14.  Online Counselling

These are tough times. Staying inside, locked in your house cannot always be easy. This lockdown might have left a lot of us in stressed situations for which we might need help. Since we all have been quarantined our social interactions have also decreased significantly. In such situations, taking the help of certain professionals can always be helpful. If you are a professional counsellor or can put together a team of good counsellors you can provide your services online by way of teleservices or video calls.


15.  Book Clubs/e-library

Book reading can be a great way to pass your time. However, a lot of book lovers might be facing difficulty in fetching new books. Book clubs and e-libraries can be another business idea. To start with, you can share books at some cost for some limited amount of time after which the clients would have to return them. If you are someone with a huge collection of movies or videos you can share this e-library at a certain amount of cost with the people in your locality. Even though this business will not be able to generate much revenue, but it can be a great service to society during these times.


16. Online Training

This lockdown is a great opportunity for a lot of us to pick up a new skill or even a new language. Now since you cannot go out to get proper training you can always start an online paid course. Be it personal gym training, language classes, or cookery classes you can prepare everything and share with your clients online or via video calls.


17.  Virtual Place Renting

Since a lot of people are now conversing via group conference and video calls, the need for having a secure forum has now gone up. But not all people can get into the technicalities of buying the paid versions of certain apps and forums to conduct meetings. Hence for a business idea you can always buy the paid versions of an app and further rent it out to people, to conduct their meetings.


18.  Buying or Selling Domains

Domain names are basically the addresses to your online websites.  The procurement of a correct and suitable domain name is an essential part of a website's online presence. To attract the viewers to a website, the domain name must be common and catchy. As a business you can buy such domain names in bulk and provide them easily to website owners.


19.  SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the system of making your content more visible on the Internet. A lot goes in the background of making a particular site available to the viewer. It's important to make your content more search friendly. As a consultant you can make recommendations that can improve the search engine rankings.


20. Teaching

Since all the schools have now shut down, a lot of people will suffer academically. The school teachers too will take time to adapt to the change of now teaching via online classes. In such a situation, you can use your expertise and create a module based classes to cover up for the lost time.


21.  Internet Service Providers

A lot of us have been dependant over the internet to sail through the lockdown. Local ISP's can prosper by laying down fiber cables and providing WI-FI services at reasonable rates as opposed to the other telecommunication companies.


22.  Healthcare Products

As the world becomes more aware of sanitation, the need for good competitors for companies vested in health services also rises. Be it in the production of gloves or masks, sanitizers, or soaps, these healthcare products are in huge demand. A lot of safety equipment is required in the hospitals and currently we are operating on less supply. There's a huge scope for exports in this field as well.


23.  Healthcare Equipment

This pandemic has shown India the true reality. There is a huge dearth in the supply of medical equipment like medical beds and ventilators. This industry will now see a significant amount of investment and will also generate a lot of revenue. Hospitals and suitable infrastructure to house more patients will now be the government's initiative.


24.  Personal Gym Equipment

Even post lockdown, it will be advised to continue the basic etiquettes of social distancing. This would mean that a lot of people will avoid common places like the gym. However, this should not stop people from exercising at their home. Since the gym equipment’s are known to be expensive, you can venture out in the production of cheaper versions of these equipment, which are safe for home use.


25. Online Wellness Programs

A lot of companies in their HR activities would want to conduct activities that would motivate their workforce during this difficult time. A lot of group activities can be planned be it online or offline (keeping social distancing in mind) to distress people and enhance productivity. The same activities can also be recommended for societies wherein the RWA's can hire these services for the residents.


26. Other Ideas

As the Indian government is now promoting the concept of "self-sufficiency," there will be a huge scope in the production of items that ere earlier imported. Be it apparels or Chinese items of utility, you can invest in their production.

With the market being this welcoming, no investment will go bad, so ahead and venture out.


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