How to Manage Your Startup During the Lockdown

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on companies around the globe. Due to the current lockdown, both big brands and startups alike are reconsidering their business strategies and how they operate on a daily basis. Due to lower revenue and profits, many startup businesses are finding it a challenge to maintain the workflow and keep the financial wheels spinning throughout the lockdown period.

Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic can prove to be harder…

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India is a land of diversity and it flourishes because of the same. It is a multi-lingual, multicultural society with a marginal difference even between the north and the south of India. With multifarious languages, cultures, and religions it is very difficult to generalize the market. Business culture in India varies with the kind of business, the strata at which the business is being conducted, and even the culture of those conducting the business.

Learning the Indian business culture…

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25+ Business Ideas for the Post Lockdown Period

The lockdown may have brought your life to a standstill, but it has also given all of us some great time to explore our creative sides. With almost 2 months into the lockdown, we all are pretty much excited to resume back into our workaholic lifestyles. Now while this lockdown has narrowed the scope to run a few businesses, it has also opened doors to great new business ideas. The post lockdown world will surely be different. By this we mean that concepts of social distancing cannot be expected…

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7 Small Investment Business Ideas In India After C

Coronavirus is certainly one of the biggest economic setbacks to India in the recent past. Lots of businesses will find it hard to make it through this scenario. But once this pandemic is over, it is going to open new opportunities for small businesses.

A small-scale business is one that is commonly popular for its limited capital investment and minimal workforce. But let’s not be tricked by their size, small investment businesses can be very promising as well. These businesses are…

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10 Tips to Make Your Small Business Recession Proo

A widespread drop in consumer expenditure, an external trade shock or an adverse supply shock, threaten all businesses. However, it is particularly startups are vulnerable, as they often don't have the reserves to sail through difficult times. Such vulnerable times are infamously known as Recession. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a recession is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity.

Yet, there can be certain preventive…

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