5 Indian Magazines You Have to Read as an Entrepre

You would hardly find any successful entrepreneurs who don't spend his or her time in reading business magazines. Who knows better than you that how important it is to stay updated with business happenings. Every moment, the market is changing like the wind changes its direction. As an entrepreneur, it's paramount to stay well-informed about the current business developments in order to understand, compare, notice…

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5 Easy Ways to Start Growing Your Startup in India

Entrepreneurs like you are always in search of new ways to grow your startup in India. You know how important it is to discover new ways if you wish to see your business expanding successfully. Growing a successful business is a key part for any new or established entrepreneurs.   

In today's dynamic business world, opening up to off-beat ideas and new ways has become a prerequisite to grow business successfully.  

You might have been looking for…

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Thank you, Mr. Jaitley - By Shriram Deshpande

Thank you, Mr. Jaitley...

I still remember the day you were nominated as Finance Minister in 2014. Modi government was elected with a clear majority on the backdrop of slow economic growth and indecisiveness in the government. Indians were fed up with corruption and inflation. All countrymen, may it be agriculturist, small businessmen, employees, professionals, were not happy with the way economic affairs were being managed because their financials were not improving. You had a big…

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5 Keys To Creating A Successful Team For A Startup

Are you starting your own business? Are you a manager at a startup and want to create a successful team for your business? There are some steps that you need to follow in order to create a wonderful team which will make your business successful.

Building a team is crucial and difficult as well. If you don’t have the right people in your team then there is very less chance that your business will survive or grow. But if you have the right team with the right mentality then your chances of…

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How Narendra Modi's Foreign Policy Has Made A Diff

With the Modi Government completing five years in office, one of its significant success stories has been its Foreign Policy. Right from commencement, the Prime Minister had adopted a creative and bold approach towards foreign policy.  He stressed on changing the face of Indian foreign policy by reducing the strain on conventional diplomacy and clichés.  

In the initial years, the government’s foreign policy decisions were regarded as daring; but later…

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