What is Project Nelda and Why is Deshpee Planting

By now you’ll almost certainly have noticed that Deshpee is not simply one brand – it’s several brands in one, all with their own individual purposes and goals.

But one that stands out amongst the rest is Project Nelda. That’s because Nelda is not marketing a service or product – instead, it’s showing what we’re doing at Deshpee to make the world a greener place.


Why is planting trees important?

That’s a good question – and one we should all aim to be more aware of. You may take them for granted, but we need trees to simply stay alive, due to the oxygen they provide in our atmosphere.

When you consider the number of people on the planet (as of August 2016, the number was recorded at around 7.4 billion), just imagine how many trees are necessary to ensure every one of those people has adequate oxygen to breathe.


But it’s about more than just surviving – it’s about the quality of our atmosphere too.

In addition to producing oxygen for all living things on Earth, trees also keep the air clean and pure – as well as regulating temperatures and keeping us cool.

Considering the rising levels of pollution in many areas around the world, it’s imperative that we have enough trees to fight off its negative effects.

One of these effects is climate change, which is occurring as a result of the way we’ve treated our planet. Only now are more people starting to realise the damage it’s doing to the world around them.

Trees can help to combat climate change through photosynthesis. Essentially, they absorb pollutants (the bad) and release clean, pure, breathable oxygen.


On top of all that, trees can even provide food!

You probably already know that many types of produce can be grown from trees, but you may not realise what an impact that could make on world hunger issues.

Many people, even today, do not have access to enough food and water in India. With an abundance of trees, there would be more to eat from a sustainable, renewable source.


Trees are in it for the long term.

Once a tree is planted, it will live a long life – sometimes hundreds of years. During this time, it will continue to provide oxygen, food (from certain trees) and all the other benefits we’ve outlined above. Planting a tree is a good deed that will go the distance.


So, why is planting trees Deshpee’s responsibility?

Rather than focusing on why any one person or organisation should contribute to planting trees, it is better to think ‘why wouldn’t they?’

The truth is, it’s the responsibility of all of us on planet Earth to keep our planet green and healthy to ensure a safe, renewable future for generations.

To learn more about Nelda, visit www.nelda.org.in. We’d love for you to check out what we’re up to!