You may have already noticed that we at Deshpee have a passion for all things green – especially if you’re familiar with our work over at Project Nelda.

Project Nelda aims to plant one billion trees over the next 25 years through a dedicated plantation programme. Read on to learn more about why tree plantation is of particular importance in India!


India is experiencing a lot of air pollution, which trees can help to fight.

You’re likely already aware of the air pollution situation in India, and the fact something needs to be done to help improve the situation. One way we can help to create greener air in India is to plant trees. Trees create cleaner air due to the increase in oxygen levels that rises as more trees are grown.

This additional oxygen will provide more clean air for humans – and every other living thing – to breathe safely.


But it’s not just air pollution trees can improve – it’s all pollution.

Trees are able to absorb many types of pollution, including pollutant gases like ozone and sulphur dioxide.


More trees will improve India’s water supply too.

Trees create a natural filtration system that will lead to cleaner water for everyone. The foliage of the trees we grow will intercept rainwater, preventing it from eroding soil and streaming pollutants into water sources. Not only will this provide cleaner water, but it will also protect aquatic wildlife.


Trees can help to keep us cool in India’s hot climates.

India has a very warm climate, so temperature control is important. Trees can provide shade, giving all living things protection from the very hot weather.

In high growth areas such as forests, wide areas of land could be protected from the heat just by trees!

Another issue with heat is the fact carbon dioxide can become trapped by heat, further increasing the climate and speeding up global warming. Through carbon sequestration, trees can absorb this carbon and prevent it from causing harm.


Want to learn more about tree plantation in India?

That’s great – we’d love to tell you more about tree plantation in India and what can be done to help. Just head on over to our blog at to learn more about Project Nelda – created and funded by Deshpee.

By visiting the Nelda blog, you’ll get to see more of what we’ve been up to in order to plant trees and help create a greener India, news and updates on India’s environment as well as plenty of tips and ideas for living a greener lifestyle.