25+ Things India is Better at Than Most of the Wor

Our country is a great one but one problem amongst Indians is that we underestimate the value of our nation. We are constantly complaining about the things that are not good and we fail to remember the things we are in fact much better at than the rest of the world. We have achieved huge progress in the 70+ years of our freedom and that is a reason for immense pride. This country draws more than 7 million tourists in one year and has far more to offer than just spiritual enlightenment and expanded…

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Indian Flag ‘Tiranga’- Design, Meaning, History, F

Each and every flag represents its respective country and culture. All flags carry a distinct message as does the Indian Flag. The Indian flag is a daily reminder of the set of values that the state and its citizens are guided by and of our extensive history. It inspires the people of our country to be proud of the countless Indians who have laid their lives for the Tiranga.

As was rightfully said by Mahatma Gandhi, "A flag is a necessity for all nations. Millions have died for it.…

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25+ Things You Didn't Know Were Invented in India

Everyone knows India for its rich and varied heritage. Every Indian is proud of it. India has some of the oldest civilisations in the world so it only makes sense that there are some things which India and Indians created and gifted to the world. Creations that have contributed to our everyday lives and have been instrumental in the progress of mankind. Indians have been promoting progress from the inception of mankind and continue to do so. It is a matter of pride that some basic inventions…

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Inclusive Marketing- and How Important It Will Be

The unpredictable idea of 2020 has constrained brands to take some real time to contemplate how they interact with their clients. Shop terminations and stay-at-home requests implied that individuals were stuck inside, which likewise implied that they were investing much more energy on the web. This pushed brands to stretch out and make more human-driven methods of arriving at their purchasers.

Over the course of the coming year, we'll see this proceed. Live-streams will turn out to…

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Seasons in India: The Complete Weather Guide

Seasons mark the division of a year by changes primarily in the weather and number of daylight hours. They are caused by the revolution movement of the Earth on its orbit around the Sun. Official declarations as regard to seasons are mostly done locally or within a nation. Usually, the four-season model propounded by Europe is used officially throughout the world.

Since the United Kingdom placed colonial rule over various nations globally,…

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